Sunday, August 28, 2022

Extreme Sissy Mindfuck - Part 1

Extremely powerful brainwashing for all my precious pussified princesses. 

This file will intensely mindfuck any good girl who makes the correct decision to listen. 

It'll also instill a need within you to sissify yourself on a more extreme level than ever before. 

This will occur in the coming days, weeks and even months upon commencing training with this extremely addictive and endlessly loopable file. 

The effects of this conditioning session will be felt immediately in the fluffy pink minds of every sissy who listens, however it is also a ticking time bomb of sorts in that the true extent of the changes will be felt over time. 

You'll be triggered into a hyper-feminine state of extreme sexual heat by little things that make you **sparkle** and remind you exactly of who and what you are. 

Do not underestimate the powerful effects that this brainwashing will have on you sweetie and do be certain you want the inevitable changes before you choose to do the right thing and listen obediently like a very good girl

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