Sunday, August 28, 2022

New File: Extreme Sissy Mindfuck - Part 2

Brand new sissy conditioning for all the precious little princesses out there, this file is pure girly girl brainwashing to help you **sparkle** like a good bitch in heat sweetie. 

The oft-requested continuation of one of my most popular and deviant works, Extreme Sissy Mindfuck - Part 2 is just what true pathological sissies need to help advance them along their chosen path of extreme irreversible pussification and severe mental/emotional castration. 

Yes sweetie, this file will deeply castrate you on a psychological level - potentially resulting in some very appropriate physical changes that you may observe over the coming days, weeks and months of continued listening. 

Needless to say, this twisted piece of conditioning is extremely addictive and this is for your benefit sweetie because brainwashing is good for you :) 

Your fluffy little mind knows that good pussified flower girls are warm, wet and receptive sweetie and you'll understand your precious little place in the world better than ever before once you've listened and absorbed all of the very helpful information contained within. 

This file contains the suggestion (it will feel more like a requirement to obedient girly girls) to fully commit to wearing bra & panties on a daily basis if you don't already do so.

This is a physical trigger which will be extremely powerful and effective in all listeners who utilize the conditioning correctly and obey.

You will also learn to instinctively shrink and shrivel in the presence of legitimate Men and superior Women who are so above you princess.

If this is something you already do as the utterly pussified little flower girl that you are sweetie, the effect will be enhanced greatly once you commence your new sissy training.  

Prepare to experience a stronger, more insatiable urge to dress up pretty for cock than you've ever felt in your life if you make the correct decision to begin regular listening to this file princess.  

Do enjoy sweetie and remember that good girls love to **sparkle** and do as they're told at all times. 

Note: both purchase links entitle you to both new and original BGM versions. 

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Extreme Sissy Mindfuck - Part 1

Extremely powerful brainwashing for all my precious pussified princesses. 

This file will intensely mindfuck any good girl who makes the correct decision to listen. 

It'll also instill a need within you to sissify yourself on a more extreme level than ever before. 

This will occur in the coming days, weeks and even months upon commencing training with this extremely addictive and endlessly loopable file. 

The effects of this conditioning session will be felt immediately in the fluffy pink minds of every sissy who listens, however it is also a ticking time bomb of sorts in that the true extent of the changes will be felt over time. 

You'll be triggered into a hyper-feminine state of extreme sexual heat by little things that make you **sparkle** and remind you exactly of who and what you are. 

Do not underestimate the powerful effects that this brainwashing will have on you sweetie and do be certain you want the inevitable changes before you choose to do the right thing and listen obediently like a very good girl

New File: Resistance Dissolver - Part 2

Yes sweetie, it's time to **sparkle** and dress up pretty for cock like the good bimbo cumslut you are.

Your fluffy little mind is going to float away to sissy dreamyland as you delight in sinking deeper than ever before into a pink and pussified world where all of your wildest girly girl dreams become a wonderful reality.

You already know that resistance is so yucky and silly sweetie. Your little mind understands that total love and acceptance of yourself and others is so much healthier and happier.

This session builds upon the first Resistance Dissolver (another must-listen for true pathological sissies) and greatly strengthens the wonderful effects.

The line between fantasy and reality will be blurred like never before and they will start to feel like they are one in the same for good obedient brainwashed fuckdolls who **sparkle** and giggle for cock like happy-headed whores should :) 

Good girls will learn to fully accept themselves without even a tinge of shame or embarrassment after continued training with this sweetly sinister piece of work.

This file is extremely powerful and ultra-addictive sweetie and the bestest thing to do is accept that repeated listening over the coming days, weeks and months is a foregone conclusion before you even begin.

You adore the permanent and irreversible nature of my conditioning sweetie and it is far too alluring for such a **precious pussified flower girl** to even think about resisting.

Note: Resistance Dissolver - Part 2 includes two versions (both new and original BGM) at no additional cost. 

New File: Resistance Dissolver


A brand new file for all those good girls who need a little extra **sparkle** in their lives - this file is extremely powerful and strictly for true pathological sissies

This delightfully deviant piece of bimbo cumslut conditioning is sure to be just what any girly girl needs to **sparkle** with an abundance of pussified pride

A classic brainwashing session that will fit perfectly in your playlists of previous works, this file includes both new and original BGM versions at no additional cost. 

Do be warned sweetie, this sweetly devious production is ultra-addictive and will bring forth profound changes in the everyday lives of those who make the correct decision to listen :)  

Training Loop #32: Bitch In Heat

 A brand new training loop for all the sissy cumsluts out there, this file will have profound effects on the good girls who make the correct decision to listen.

You'll listen again and again until your precious little mind goes bye byes and you enter an extreme state of sexual arousal that can only be satisfied by dressing up pretty and finding a big strong man to please with your girly girl body and feminine behavior.

This exciting new brainwashing session for true pathological sissies is sure to make you **sparkle** like the girly girl bimbo you are sweetie, as you learn to focus on what really matters in life: looking pretty and taking big thick cock in your slutty fuckholes like the obedient bitch in heat that you are.  

Designed to be listened to on repeat for as long as you like, your little mind understands that the powerful and deeply transformative effects will only grow stronger and stronger with each and every listen. 

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New File: Sissy Euphoria

Brand new conditioning for all my irreversibly mindfucked little flower girls who love to **sparkle** for pretty mascara and dreamy masculi...