Monday, December 11, 2023

New File: Sissy Euphoria

Brand new conditioning for all my irreversibly mindfucked little flower girls who love to **sparkle** for pretty mascara and dreamy masculine guys, this file is going to take your permanent and ever-growing obsession with extreme pussification further than ever before princess.

Yes sweetie, Sissy Euphoria is just what your pink little girlbrain needs to function optimally. You will gradually enter a wonderfully euphoric state of sissy delirium as your little mind goes all the way bye byes and you find yourself with an overwhelming desire to immerse yourself in your girly girl lifestyle as deeply as humanly possible over the coming days, weeks and months.

Sunday, December 10, 2023

A quick update. And a December sale! :)


I'm sure some of my good girls will love to hear that I just might have some exciting new content planned for the near future!

Yes sweetie, your fluffy little mind is going to go bye-byes like the good mindfucked **sparkle slut** that you are, as you have your precious little place in the world reinforced and reaffirmed once and for all.

Sunday, December 3, 2023

Sweet Surrender: Free for the rest of 2023!

Sweet Surrender is one of the creations I'm most proud of since my return a couple of years ago, but I feel like it's a little overlooked. Possibly due to the lack of a more explicit title :P  

I've decided to let you all have it for free for the rest of December :) 

Here's the original SparkleVision post for the file with a detailed description. 

Do enjoy sweetie ❤❤❤

Love and warmest cuddles from Goddess Gracie xx 


Thursday, February 2, 2023

New File: Resistance Dissolver - Part 3

The perfect mindfuck for girly girl cumsluts whose soft little clitties quiver uncontrollably in the presence of manhood and masculinity, this file is every brainwashed bimbo's dream come true.

Even more extreme and twisted than the previous two parts in the Resistance Dissolver series, this file is ultra-deviant and was created especially for only the most dedicated of true pathological sissies.

Thursday, November 24, 2022

New File: Manhood Eraser - Part 2

 This file is a curse with the most wonderful and deeply beneficial effects for true pathological sissies. 

Relentless brainwashing to help you **sparkle** bright as can be, this session will see you becoming more committed than ever to living your girly girl life to the fullest.

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Goddess Gracie - Complete Collection

For the first time, my entire collection of feminization material is available for purchase in an all-inclusive bundle. This collection is complete as of Sept 24, 2022 and does not include future content :) 

This wonderful collection features ~100 files (when you factor in new BGM/alternate versions) created over a span of eleven years.

All 32 training loops are included, along with all of my full-length sessions for true pathological sissies.

For files with both a new and original BGM version, both are included to help you **sparkle** like the cotton candy cumslut you are. 

Read more for the full list of included files!

Goddess Gracie - Training Loop Collection


I've recently made my complete collection available for purchase, which includes all training loops and full-length files.

This is a separate listing for just the training loops at a special lower price for the first few weeks :)

Do enjoy sweetie and remember that good girls love to **sparkle** 

Read on to see exactly what's included! 

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

New File: Sweet Surrender

All-new conditioning for true pathological sissies, this file is just what you need to truly **sparkle** and live the joyful girly girl existence you deserve sweetie. 

Don't be fooled by its unassuming title, Sweet Surrender is not to be taken lightly and will have extreme and irreversible effects on those who choose to listen. 

Extremely powerful bimbo brainwashing - this file is appropriate for all true sissies but truly ideal for experienced, long-time listeners.   

Your fluffy little mind will come to understand that being a pretty slut for strong masculine men is the most important thing in the whole wide world.

The desire to feminize yourself to perfection and be a **pretty pussified plaything** for strong masculine men will be overwhelming to put it mildly princess. 

Girly girl happiness and sheer sissy serenity are all but guaranteed as a result of listening to this powerful and extremely addictive brainwashing session sweetie. 

Yes sweetie, it's time to dress up pretty and listen obediently like a very good girl. 

Note: Both purchase links give you access to two versions (new and original BGM) of the file at no added cost.  

Sissy Sex Ed (New BGM)

Brainwashing at its most relentless - this file contains 43 minutes of extreme sissy conditioning which you will find yourself compelled to listen to again and again until all of the knowledge and wisdom I graciously impart has been fully absorbed into your precious tiny mind. Structured more like an educational lesson than a traditional hypnosis file, this file is completely induction-free but experienced listeners will find that they drift into a deeply comfortable and very peaceful trance-like state within the first couple of minutes as they listen carefully to my important words and allow me to sweetly soothe their cotton candy brains until their fluffy little minds go bye-byes.

Just because little sissies will never give birth to babies of their own doesn't mean that they don't need to learn all about the birds and the bees princess and that is what I'm going to help you with today sweetie. You will listen carefully to my important words as I go into great detail about the ways that girly girls inevitably blossom into beautiful and sexually active women. Meanwhile, adolescent boys develop into strong masculine men who fuck twenty pussies a day, and little sissies discover that their whole world revolves around keeping their little clitties soft and girly while they try on their Mommy's and Auntie's panties until they are all grown up and able to purchase as many pairs as they ever dreamed possible. Yay!

Yes princess, you will listen as I go into great detail about the physical and hormonal changes that girly girls undergo as they transition from adolescence to adulthood; the fondness girls feel towards masculine guys even from a relatively early age; the feelings of subservience and deep respect that such pretty girls feel for dreamy hunks who know how to fuck pussy hard, and of course the correct measures girly girls take when it comes to keeping themselves beautiful for men.

You'll hear all about the way girly girls talk to each other about boys they like and hunky movie stars they have crushes on, but you'll be reminded that the topic of little sissy princesses never comes up at all, and why would it? That would just be so silly sweetie. Girls do not have sex with sissies - ever. Sissies know that vaginas are scary and intimidating and no female wants a little sissy mincing all over her with a tiny little clitty that is much better tucked away in pretty panties where it belongs. Girly girls love men, not little sissies sweetie.

Your little mind will then come to learn all about how cocky young guys inevitably mature into confident, self-assured men who feel completely at ease in the presence of pretty girls. Yes sweetie, you know that men think of sex as a sport and it's not just about who fucked the most pussy that week, but also how rough and hard they fucked it, and for how long. Strong masculine men have lots of stamina and are often very athletic princess - this enables them to fuck pretty pussies for hours on end leaving their submissive little girlfriend(s) feeling utterly smitten and yearning for more.
Hunky guys often talk to each other about girls and sex and they regularly make disparaging and demeaning remarks about their sex partners - the type of things that a sweet-hearted little sissy princess would never dream of saying about her super awesome girly girl BFFs. Your precious tiny mind understands that it's a sissy's worst nightmare to find herself trying in vain to blend into a group of genuine males who she has nothing in common with whatsoever. Sissies have nothing of worth to add to those kinds of conversations sweetie and they are much better off hanging out with the girly girls and talking about guys and going to slumber parties where they braid each other's hair and giggle and gossip about all the hunks that they love to fuck. The only thing sissies have to offer masculine men that is of any use to them is their tight little pussies and pretty little mouths that work extra hard to milk every last drop of luscious cream from the gorgeous throbbing cocks of strong masculine guys.

The final section focuses in great detail on the development and growth of true pathological sissies and how they differ so drastically from guys yet have quite a lot in common with girly girls. You'll learn that sissies have an intrinsic desire to be soft and girly down there sweetie and the tininess of a sissy's precious little clitty is always a strong determining factor in their innate desire to pussify themselves and prance around in their Mommy's panties like the silly little bitches they are. Sissies naturally find themselves on the brink of tears whenever they experience a yucky (more commonly known as an erection when referring to men's penises) down there and it's normal for developing pussygirls to want to run to their Mommies and tell them all about how they got a yucky and want it to go away before they start to cry (aww...). You know that sissies can find acceptance among girly girls even at an early age sweetie but sadly most sissies don't begin to open up about who they are till they are older.

It should go without saying, but any and all (hypothetical) sexual situations described in this file refer to fictional people who are of legal age. Your little mind understands that you will feel compelled to listen to this file very regularly sweetie and that is a wonderful idea and something I encourage wholeheartedly.  Yes sweetie, your tiny mind is going to want to hear my important words again and again and it's so much better to just give in and forget about any silly resistance which is like totally yucky and boring and not even worth thinking about. Remember to let me know all your fluffy pink thoughts after you've had some time to digest all of the important information sweetie and do remember that I love all of my little princesses and I always know best when it comes to true pathological sissies. 

Good Girl Redux (New BGM)

A fresh new take on the original Good Girl concept - this file is very extreme and addictive and contains 44 minutes of pure brainwashing for true pathological sissies. Resembling the original files in name only, this is a brand new piece of conditioning and one that is sure to warp your little mind all over again. The main focus is on your relationship (strictly platonic friendship) with women and what is and isn't appropriate where women and sissies are concerned. You will learn your little place better than ever before sweetie and you will remember always that no woman on earth wants anything to do with a silly little sissy like you - at least not in a sexual capacity. You will accept this happily and commit to pleasing nice ladies in other more appropriate ways - whether this be by offering emotional support when they are heartbroken over a real man, or by taking care of their housework and giving them thoughtful gifts to show how much their platonic friendship means to you.


You will make it a priority to please your nice friends in whatever way you can sweetie but you will remember always that pretty girl's pussies dry up around little sissies while the opposite tends to occur when girly girls are in the presence of real men. Yes sweetie, real men deserve pussy and you think it's like totally awesome to help your pretty friends prepare for dates with hot hunky guys whether that be by helping them with their makeup or paying for their pedicures and beauty treatments so that they can look even prettier for their big strong man - you will help in whatever way you can princess. You understand that your little clitty is utterly useless to women sweetie but you know there are many other ways that you can make yourself useful to them and we'll discuss that in great detail. I make little attempt to spare your feelings here sweetie and you remember that it's always nice to thank a woman for being honest with you especially where the utter uselessness of your microscopic wee-wee is concerned.


This file will appeal greatly to the truest of pathological sissies, especially those who may feel a little desensitized to explicit material regarding women and sissies and panties and lipstick and alpha male studs and fashion and flirting and limp clitties and fluffy giggles and high heels and humiliation and verbal abuse and warm fuzzies. Yay sweetie, you are going to have the time of your little life listening to this file again and again until your fluffy pink mind goes bye-byes. You know that brainwashing is good for you sweetie and you know that I know what is best for you pussygirl. You remember to be respectful and subservient at all times to your superiors - whether it be your platonic female friends or your big dicked lovers who fuck dozens of pussies a week and know how to make good girls behave.


You will gain a greater understanding than ever before of what constitutes appropriate physical contact between a woman and a little sissy. There will be no doubt in your little mind that vaginas are strictly off limits to little sissies like you sweetie but you may be allowed to attend to other parts of a nice lady's body - as long as you understand that their pussies and titties are strictly for men princess. It goes without saying that you will listen to this conditioning time and time again sweetie and as it is completely induction-free it's going to be very easy for you to listen on loop and enjoy a constant stream of hardcore brainwashing that will have permanent and significant effects on your little mind and greatly impact your behavior in your everyday life - for the better of course, yay! This is for the truest of pathological sissies sweetie and may be verging on too extreme for the less dedicated part-time sissies, but real sissies will love it to bits.

Don't be scared sweetie... If you are a true pathological sissy I promise you're going to love it and it may even be your new favorite file - yay! Remember to listen regularly sweetie and let me know all your fluffy little thoughts after you've listened.

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New File: Sissy Euphoria

Brand new conditioning for all my irreversibly mindfucked little flower girls who love to **sparkle** for pretty mascara and dreamy masculi...