Sunday, August 28, 2022

New File: Resistance Dissolver


A brand new file for all those good girls who need a little extra **sparkle** in their lives - this file is extremely powerful and strictly for true pathological sissies

This delightfully deviant piece of bimbo cumslut conditioning is sure to be just what any girly girl needs to **sparkle** with an abundance of pussified pride

A classic brainwashing session that will fit perfectly in your playlists of previous works, this file includes both new and original BGM versions at no additional cost. 

Do be warned sweetie, this sweetly devious production is ultra-addictive and will bring forth profound changes in the everyday lives of those who make the correct decision to listen :)  

New File: Sissy Euphoria

Brand new conditioning for all my irreversibly mindfucked little flower girls who love to **sparkle** for pretty mascara and dreamy masculi...