Sunday, August 28, 2022

Training Loop #32: Bitch In Heat

 A brand new training loop for all the sissy cumsluts out there, this file will have profound effects on the good girls who make the correct decision to listen.

You'll listen again and again until your precious little mind goes bye byes and you enter an extreme state of sexual arousal that can only be satisfied by dressing up pretty and finding a big strong man to please with your girly girl body and feminine behavior.

This exciting new brainwashing session for true pathological sissies is sure to make you **sparkle** like the girly girl bimbo you are sweetie, as you learn to focus on what really matters in life: looking pretty and taking big thick cock in your slutty fuckholes like the obedient bitch in heat that you are.  

Designed to be listened to on repeat for as long as you like, your little mind understands that the powerful and deeply transformative effects will only grow stronger and stronger with each and every listen. 

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