Saturday, September 24, 2022

Goddess Gracie - Complete Collection

For the first time, my entire collection of feminization material is available for purchase in an all-inclusive bundle. This collection is complete as of Sept 24, 2022 and does not include future content :) 

This wonderful collection features ~100 files (when you factor in new BGM/alternate versions) created over a span of eleven years.

All 32 training loops are included, along with all of my full-length sessions for true pathological sissies.

For files with both a new and original BGM version, both are included to help you **sparkle** like the cotton candy cumslut you are. 

Read more for the full list of included files!

The following files are included:

Good Girl - Part 1
Good Girl - Part 2 
Good Girl - Part 3 
Bimbo Blessing
Honesty Curse
The Logic of Limp
Man Obsession
Good Sissies Obey
Sissy Sparkle - Part 1
Sissy Sparkle - Part 2  
Sissy Sparkle - Part 3  
Cumslut Chronicles: Man Pleaser
All Things Sissy! Part 1 
All Things Sissy! Part 2
Acceptance (Curse)  
Bimbo Blessing Redux 
Women Just Know
Fuckdoll Fantasy: Prison Bitch
Sissy Sex Ed  
Good Girl Redux  
Big Cocks vs Tiny Clitties
Fuckdoll Fantasy: Sissy Pageant
Pink Paradise (Curse)
Sissy Mantras
Bimbo Mantras
Limp Clitty Mantras
No More Diddles
Diddle-free Mantras
Manhood Eraser
Happiness (Curse)
The Logic of Limp Redux 
Sissy Shame Dissolver  
Hypnosis for Women: Adore Men
Cock & Cum Princess 
Extreme Sissy Mindfuck - Part 1 
Extreme Sissy Mindfuck - Part 2 
Resistance Dissolver - Part 1 
Resistance Dissolver - Part 2 
Sweet Surrender 
Sissy Shame Dissolver (New BGM)
Acceptance (New BGM)
No More Diddles (New BGM)
Manhood Eraser (New BGM)
Cock & Cum Princess (Original BGM)
Sissy Sparkle - Part 2 (New BGM)
Mantras Collection (New BGM)
Diddle-Free Mantras (New BGM)
Sissy Sparkle - Part 3 (Original BGM)
Good Girl Redux (New BGM)
The Logic of Limp Redux (New BGM)
Happiness Curse (New BGM)
Sissy Sex Ed (New BGM)
Big Cocks vs Tiny Clitties (New BGM)
Fuckdoll Fantasy - Sissy Pageant (New BGM)
Serenity (New BGM)
Bimbo Blessing Redux (New BGM)

Training Loops:

Limp Clitty
Feminine Habits
Pretty New Name
Lifelong Love Loop
Bra Training
Sissy Cuckie
Compulsive Clitty Diddler
Correct Thoughts
Limp Clitty (Remix)

Sissy Cock Slut
Sissy Affirmations
Daddy's Princess
Clitty Shrinker
Limp for Pussy
Bimbo Brain Melt
Mommy's Good Girl
Sissy Pride
Happy Titties
Limp & Tiny
Crave Cock & Cum
BBC Obsession
Bimbo Heatwave
Kindness & Love
Limp Clitty Humiliation
Pretty Whore
Sissy Overload
Sparkle Slut
Selfie Slut
Bitch In Heat

Subliminal Loops: 

All Things Sissy - Part 1
All Things Sissy - Part 2
Bimbo Blessing Redux
Bimbo Brain Melt
Correct Thoughts
Mommy's Good Girl
Women Just Know

Note: Newer sessions such as Resistance Dissolver and Sweet Surrender include both original and BGM versions by default. 

New File: Sissy Euphoria

Brand new conditioning for all my irreversibly mindfucked little flower girls who love to **sparkle** for pretty mascara and dreamy masculi...