Thursday, November 24, 2022

New File: Manhood Eraser - Part 2

 This file is a curse with the most wonderful and deeply beneficial effects for true pathological sissies. 

Relentless brainwashing to help you **sparkle** bright as can be, this session will see you becoming more committed than ever to living your girly girl life to the fullest.

You will learn to be your precious pussified self uncompromisingly and beyond your wildest girly girl dreams sweetie.

Extremely addictive and with irreversible effects on those who choose to listen, this session is specifically designed for repeat listenings, ensuring every last word is deeply ingrained in your psyche for all eternity :)   

This is a brand new session princess, however prior experience with the original Manhood Eraser is strongly recommended.  

New File: Sissy Euphoria

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