Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Good Girl Redux (New BGM)

A fresh new take on the original Good Girl concept - this file is very extreme and addictive and contains 44 minutes of pure brainwashing for true pathological sissies. Resembling the original files in name only, this is a brand new piece of conditioning and one that is sure to warp your little mind all over again. The main focus is on your relationship (strictly platonic friendship) with women and what is and isn't appropriate where women and sissies are concerned. You will learn your little place better than ever before sweetie and you will remember always that no woman on earth wants anything to do with a silly little sissy like you - at least not in a sexual capacity. You will accept this happily and commit to pleasing nice ladies in other more appropriate ways - whether this be by offering emotional support when they are heartbroken over a real man, or by taking care of their housework and giving them thoughtful gifts to show how much their platonic friendship means to you.


You will make it a priority to please your nice friends in whatever way you can sweetie but you will remember always that pretty girl's pussies dry up around little sissies while the opposite tends to occur when girly girls are in the presence of real men. Yes sweetie, real men deserve pussy and you think it's like totally awesome to help your pretty friends prepare for dates with hot hunky guys whether that be by helping them with their makeup or paying for their pedicures and beauty treatments so that they can look even prettier for their big strong man - you will help in whatever way you can princess. You understand that your little clitty is utterly useless to women sweetie but you know there are many other ways that you can make yourself useful to them and we'll discuss that in great detail. I make little attempt to spare your feelings here sweetie and you remember that it's always nice to thank a woman for being honest with you especially where the utter uselessness of your microscopic wee-wee is concerned.


This file will appeal greatly to the truest of pathological sissies, especially those who may feel a little desensitized to explicit material regarding women and sissies and panties and lipstick and alpha male studs and fashion and flirting and limp clitties and fluffy giggles and high heels and humiliation and verbal abuse and warm fuzzies. Yay sweetie, you are going to have the time of your little life listening to this file again and again until your fluffy pink mind goes bye-byes. You know that brainwashing is good for you sweetie and you know that I know what is best for you pussygirl. You remember to be respectful and subservient at all times to your superiors - whether it be your platonic female friends or your big dicked lovers who fuck dozens of pussies a week and know how to make good girls behave.


You will gain a greater understanding than ever before of what constitutes appropriate physical contact between a woman and a little sissy. There will be no doubt in your little mind that vaginas are strictly off limits to little sissies like you sweetie but you may be allowed to attend to other parts of a nice lady's body - as long as you understand that their pussies and titties are strictly for men princess. It goes without saying that you will listen to this conditioning time and time again sweetie and as it is completely induction-free it's going to be very easy for you to listen on loop and enjoy a constant stream of hardcore brainwashing that will have permanent and significant effects on your little mind and greatly impact your behavior in your everyday life - for the better of course, yay! This is for the truest of pathological sissies sweetie and may be verging on too extreme for the less dedicated part-time sissies, but real sissies will love it to bits.

Don't be scared sweetie... If you are a true pathological sissy I promise you're going to love it and it may even be your new favorite file - yay! Remember to listen regularly sweetie and let me know all your fluffy little thoughts after you've listened.

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