Wednesday, September 14, 2022

The Logic of Limp Redux (New BGM)


This is the new BGM version of The Logic of Limp: Redux - original description below :) 

Wonderfully twisted brainwashing with powerful and irreversible effects on your girly girl body and pink little mind, this is a brand new file for all those simpering little sissies who know that staying soft, tiny and diddle-free 24/7 feels wonderful for precious pussified princesses. Yes sweetie, good girls are soft and delicate and this file is going to pussify and emasculate you in a more extreme and deeply warped fashion than ever before. Perhaps my most humiliating work for little sissies yet, this file explains your little place to you in a way that your precious fluffy head can understand and accept happily like a good girl. 

 Though all of my files are addictive, this one is particularly habit-forming and you'll find yourself with the desire to listen very regularly, perhaps even every day for a few months. How interesting it will be to observe the effects it has on your body and mind after an extended period of time :)  

You'll receive a special trigger which will help to intensify the softening and shrinkage effects that little sissies naturally experience around nice ladies and their pretty vaginas. I won't give anything away princess but let's just say that it will alter and enhance your experience of listening to the file the second time around, not to mention every subsequent listen.  This file focuses on staying diddle-free as much as it focuses on staying soft and girly down there. It is ideal for sissies who are familiar with my conditioning as it is quite advanced and assumes a degree of limpness in the listener already. Brave newcomers are also welcome to dive into the deep end and listen, just don't say I didn't warn you sweetie :) 

 To call this file powerful brainwashing would be an understatement sweetie, so be sure to think carefully in your fluffy little head about if you truly want to be permanently castrated mentally and emotionally before you make the correct decision to honor your little self and listen like a good girl. 

(Of course you want me to castrate you sweetie, it will be so lovely for your little mind). 

The original Logic of Limp file came out just over 5 years ago and all my little sissies have come so wonderfully far in that time. 
It's important to distinguish that this file is 100% new, just like all of my other Redux files - it shares only the theme with the original. 

I'm tempted to go into more detail but I'd rather leave the best bits for you to discover while you listen little princess.

Remember to wear your bra and panties whenever you listen and strictly no diddles whatsoever, this is non-negotiable sweetie.  

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