Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Serenity (New BGM)


This is the new BGM version of bimbo brainwashing classic "Serenity", featuring all-new subliminal layers. Original description below :) 

This file is a curse with the most wonderful and positive effects a little sissy could ever hope for. Somewhat of a followup to Acceptance, this file focuses even more deeply on true happiness and inner peace while simultaneously being arguably my most explicit work yet. Yes sweetie, this file is just perfect for little bimbo cumsluts who want to feel nothing but joy and euphoric bliss all the time whether they are dressed up looking for hot guys to please or not. Serenity is all about leaving negative emotions behind once and for all and learning to exist in a permanent state of happiness and deep contentedness, where yucky mean things like hate and prejudice cannot possibly harm you.

You will grow to love yourself and all those around you more than ever before sweetie and you will find that every time you show kindness and love to another living being, your love for yourself grows even deeper and in turn so does your happiness. You will exist in a near constant state of extreme sexual heat and feminine arousal sweetie and you will be more diligent than ever when it comes to keeping your estrogen levels as high as can be. You will be reminded that a silly bimbo is happiest when she has nothing on her mind but strong masculine men and ten inch cocks and makeup and jewelry and pretty perfume and before you know it the sparkle fairies will have returned to sprinkle more happy dust all over your cotton candy mind princess.

Yes sweetie, this is very much a bimbo themed file but there is a lot to offer for all my girls as you will learn that women are naturally submissive to alpha males and nothing annoys nice ladies more than a little sissy who doesn't show the proper respect and admiration to big strong men who women and sissies so desire. You'll be reminded of all that women and sissies have in common sweetie and you'll be encouraged to develop as many wonderful platonic friendships with nice ladies as possible and this is something you will consider almost as much a priority as finding lots of hunky masculine guys to fuck your slutty little mouth and tight pink pussy. You will learn of a new masturbation technique for sissies princess though you will simultaneously be encouraged to avoid reaching a climax wherever possible so as to harness all of that wonderful estrogenic activity in your little body. You will strive to become known in your neighborhood as the adorable little sweetheart who always has a smile on her face and cock on her mind.

The permanence and seriousness of this file's effects cannot be overstated princess but due to how wonderfully positive they are, there was no need for a long warning section like some of my previous curse files have contained, because I just know that all true sissies are going to love it to pieces and find that it's the bestest file ever to listen to over and over again and watch as the effects grow stronger and stronger each time. Yes sweetie, this curse is extremely addictive and though one listen is all it takes, the effects are strengthened significantly with each and every listen and I'm super excited to observe the effects of this file on all my good girls over the coming weeks, months and even years. A perfect file to partner with Acceptance though it should not be looked at as a sequel or direct continuation as it is very much its own thing. Serenity is essentially like the sexual and emotional equivalent of winning the lottery, at least as far as little sissies are concerned. Prior conditioning with Acceptance and my other files is recommended but not compulsory. Made out of kindness and love for all the little princesses who have such a special place in my heart, this file is the gift that keeps on giving forever and ever and ever :)

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