Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Happiness Curse (New BGM)


Extreme brainwashing to fix your fluffy little mind and make it function correctly, this file is strictly for true pathological sissies and silly bimbos only sweetie. In the vein of Acceptance and Serenity, this file is all about
 happiness sweetie but that does not come close to doing it justice. Make no mistake about it, this file is extremely hardcore and delightfully deviant my little princess. While it's guaranteed to have a wonderfully positive impact on a little sissy's emotional well being, it is simultaneously a powerful curse with effects that last a lifetime and it is not to be taken lightly. You will be encouraged more than ever before to love and accept your little self rather than shy away from who and what you are. You are not just a quivering little sissy but a silly bimbo as well sweetie, and both sides of you (the mincing sissy and the airheaded bimbo) will be equally nourished and coaxed out of you today. The effects of this file are prolonged and very profound, and they are increased exponentially with each and every listen. This file is extremely addictive and truly dedicated sissies will find themselves listening time and time again as they embark on the happiest 12 months of their whole entire lives - yay! You will be encouraged to stay diddle-free like a good obedient sissy who knows her little place and wants to conserve every last bit of estrogen for pleasing strong manly men with her docile, feminine personality and pretty girly girl body. You will be mindfucked to sissy heaven and back by my important words sweetie and you will feel a wonderful sense of inner peace and extreme happiness which is only matched by your extreme horniness as your slutty little fuckhole drips with lust and tingles with desire for something big, thick and rock hard. 

Yes sweetie, your pussy will tingle for manly men and you will learn your place as a pussy-free sissy. What this means precisely sweetie is that you'll be strictly forbidden from viewing images and videos of uncensored women's private parts (i.e. their pretty vaginas and perky breasts) for the rest of your life, yay sweetie how wonderfully appropriate for you. Women do not show you their vaginas and breasts in real life sweetie therefore you do not need or deserve to see them in any form, except where it's totally unavoidable. If you do occasionally stumble upon uncensored images of women's pretty bodies sweetie, you will have the discipline to avoid looking at their vaginas and breasts - you'll either scroll down the page, close it altogether, or focus on sissy-appropriate areas like their pretty bottoms and perfect pedicured footsies. You may also admire their pretty faces, in particular their beautiful eyes which sparkle with warmth and desire for real men. Not to mention their flat toned tummies that they attain through proper diet and exercise. Yes sweetie, pretty girls are remarkably diligent when it comes to hot sweaty workout sessions at the gym where they're surrounded by legitimate, able-bodied men who are always ready to fuck pretty pussy hard. You will be driven and determined to stay pussy-free for the rest of your life by women's natural preference for real cocks little princess. Not that it is a choice, but rather an inescapable reality for you - yay :) 

You'll embrace your pussy-free destiny sweetie and I'll make it so pleasant for you that you won't even realize that you're being brainwashed like a silly mindless empty-headed whore whose cotton candy brain is too pink and fluffy to think all by itself. You'll experience strong feelings of euphoria that don't soon end upon the file's conclusion sweetie and this can become an almost permanent state of mind for those truly dedicated girls who choose to utilize the file correctly by listening on a regular basis and doing as they're told like good obedient bimbos. Your sissy and bimbo sides will take turns in being the dominant part of your sexuality princess, though there are times when they may merge together and that is perfectly fine. This file contains the perfect amount of pure sissification conditioning and an even more perfecter amount of brainwashing for silly bimbos.  You're going to have so much fun brainwashing yourself to oblivion sweetie and you will internalize all that I say you are and my words will plant seeds in your little mind that will grow and manifest in your behaviors towards strong masculine men (when appropriate of course!) and you'll feel like you're just being your little self and forget that I ever brainwashed and reprogrammed you into a human fleshlight for rough and rugged Alphas - not that Alphas need such a thing with all the pretty vaginas they routinely penetrate by the dozen.  Yay sweetie, you're going to have the bestest time ever listening over and over again and allowing the effects to slowly trickle into every area of your everyday life, making everything pinker, fluffier and so much happier! 

Happiness may be a curse sweetie but it contains only positive effects for true sissies and silly bimbos my precious pussygirl. That is not an empty promise sweetie, it is my personal guarantee. I'm so confident in the effectiveness of this conditioning that I simply know it will work wonders for all true sissies who listen. Though come to think of it, realistically the only kinds of people who would ever listen to a file like this fit that description to a tee. It goes without saying that any remotely regular person should stay far away from this file as it is only for the quivering little sissies and the mindless airheaded bimbos. The guarantee of purely positive effects is only applicable when referring to my target audience, not the general public who have no use for a file such as this one. Enjoy sweetie and remember to listen over and over again for the bestest results that are simply wonderful :) 

Note: Be sure to check out the recently released Sweet Surrender for an all-new listening experience sweetie.

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